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Full Version: Login not possible when pw is as same as username
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i think i may have found a bug. I've tested it like 3/4 times and each time it didn't work.
The bug is that if you register and your password is as same as your username, you won't be able to login afterwards.


On registeration:

Username is: test444
Password is: test444

User registered and logged out afterwards.
User tries to log in now, but User gets error: "You have entered an invalid username/password combination. "
I've just tried this on my test board and I get an error on registration:

The password you entered is the same as either your username or email address. Please enter a stronger password.

Can anyone else confirm?
Ah welli, i see. ^^ You get that on this forum too.

Might be happening because i removed pw and email once.

[Image: b683abafc9eb477b9e6ea893632d4f57.png]
I also tried in the ACP just to check and got the same error, if you want support for this then feel free to open a new thread, but I'm going to reject this.