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Full Version: Remove a repeated thing on posts?
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In the post it repeats the value 'Dinero' (money) How can I remove the duplicate? I installed the NewPoints plugin

[Image: 35jw4sp.jpg]
Are you viewing MyBB in Classic mode? I remember when the design used to look like that. It brings back memories. That being said it would appear that you have the same code twice in the postbit.

You need to check in both templates "postbit" and "postbit_classic" and then remove the duplicate of the following code:

Please let us know if this resolved your issue or if you require further assistance Smile
Thanks, works perfectly
(2016-12-03, 12:24 PM)zyan Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, works perfectly

Awesome I'm glad I was able to resolve your issue. Please be sure to mark this thread as "Solved" at the top of the thread if you do not need any further assistance regarding this thread.