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Full Version: Other than inserting ADS on the forum, what are some other ways to make some income?
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It is I, once again.

What is another way to make income other than inserting ads on to the forum i am operating?

Right now, I am looking for a way insert ads which is in progress @

So, Rolleyes 

is there any other way to make income other than displaying ads ?
Hi there. Beyond advertising I have seen many forums do the following:
  • sell membership into special user groups
  • selling awards
  • selling stickies (have your post at the top of a specific section for a fee)
  • asking for donations
These are just a few things you could do to earn income. Depending on the size of your community and their loyalty you might even be able to do things like sell t-shirts with your forum's design on them or something. The options are limitless. I hope these suggestions give you an idea on how to earn income Smile