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Full Version: Link error Purge Spammer
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Link error Purge Spammer.  

In the ACP, Home » Board Settings » Purge Spammer.  
Contains link error  in  Stop Forum Spam API Key,  Redirect me to another web with that information:

"Sorry - Due to abuse by certain people, we are currently limiting API signups to members of the forum.
We are sorry that we have had to take this course of action."

Link Information
you need an API key. You can get one of these here

Anexo Image:
[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2016_12_04_a_las_5_34_14_p_m.png]

Thanks In Advance for the Support.
we should probably change the link to the registration url for their forum as that's where you now need to sign up for new accounts:

I created an issue, because @Andro sent a PR without any issue related.
Thank you, good job!
Thanks For confirmr thah issue, so its  Pushed.
Big Grin
This issue has already been fixed for 1.8.9.
Yes, i know.

Asi es señor, por eso lo reporte!