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Full Version: Top Poster of the Week icon - Paying
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So basically I would like a plugin that shows a little icon for top posters of the week. I want it in 3 places (Index page next to my weekly top posters, on their profile and on the postbit, like below.

[Image: eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2kuZ3lhem8uY29tLzQ3...pCaVtPzvsE]
[Image: .eJwFwdsSQkAAANB_8Y6iZvCWSUqWoZVZL0ZsrPu...&height=51]
[Image: eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2kuZ3lhem8uY29tLzQ1...DW06AvKOTY]

I want the icon to the right of their name on the index at this part. So for example to the right of the s for Mars, to the right of T for Herbert etc.

Hovering over the icon shows Top Poster of the week, and it's clickable, like this:

I want 3 settings in the ACP.
1. Having top poster of the week icon On/Off
Amount of people to give the icon to. I'll have it set to 5, but in the future i'll maybe put it down to 3.

I'll be paying for this. Hopefully someone can do it.
Bumping this as i'd like it done!
Hey, please share this code, i need it! The top poster of the week