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Full Version: MIME type list link isn't working
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If you add a new attachment type on acp/config, there is the "MIME Type" field.

On the description it says:
"Enter the MIME type sent by the server when downloading files of this type (See a list here)"

However the "See a list here" brings you to a page that seems to be not available anymore.

Also, is it missing some language? Or is that just for me maybe?

[Image: 4bff681919234033830899bcd567a241.png]
Will be fixed in 1.8.9:
The second issue appears to be language-related - try running the File Verification.
I cannot confirm the second issue. The first one will be fixed as @Devilshakerz sad. This can be rejected
Seems to be an issue for me only, yes.

[Image: 64d92ef78b2d432bab9a27a9e3f855ca.png]

The lang files exist though, weird.

Well, nvm. Fixed after reuploading admin lang files. Can be rejected, yes.
Marking as duplicate.