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Full Version: to use direct video links for direct view
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to use direct video links for direct view
in other word
adding a direct link to a video that ends with something like .mp4 or .flv which is might be played directly from the browser for example
sorry about the content
i would like the link to be replaced with the video itself
thanks in advance
There is a video format, e.g.


However, this only supports certain cervices, not any video URL.
there is some videos that not yourube or daillymotion i just dont know the source of it like
and ill check the plugins Smile
and if there any more tips ill be glad to see it
i get lost so easy here Sad my apologize
its seems that there is no idea or plugin ?
you can try to create your own mycode with the help jwplayer(or any alternative).
even auto media plugin did not work with type of links Sad
(2017-01-27, 10:03 PM)Michael_vx Wrote: [ -> ]even auto media plugin did not work with type of links Sad

I can't confirm this. Just checked and AutoMedia embeds both of your links correctly.
can you tell me how is that heppen
If you put the plain links to the mp4 files without any mycodes in the post and embedding isn't working, it may be a javascript problem.
You could check your browser console for any script errors or conflicts.
im getting error unsecured connection at line
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
a link being blocked unsecured connection
nothing else
and its odd
now its working fine i dont understand what the heck is going on on my forum lol topic solved