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Full Version: Transfer mybb 1.8.7 database to 1.6
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i wanna transfer mybb 1.8.7 users to my 1.6 forum

how can i plz help Lightbulb
I'm not sure what you mean - are you trying to downgrade, or import existing users into an existing forum?

If you upgrade the 1.6 forum to 1.8 you can use the merge system, but you can't downgrade the forum.
sir i have 2 forum
in one forum i install mybb1.8.7
and in other forum i install mybb 1.6

now i just want to transfer my mybb 1.8.7 users only to my mybb1.6 forum
You'll need to upgrade the 1.6 forum to 1.8 and then use the merge system, 1.6 isn't supported so it makes no sense to stay on it.
i download marge system but dont know how to install it, plz help
anyone help plz
I believe you just go to and follow the steps it tells you to do.
its showing filenotfound.php
Then you've either not uploaded it to the right place, or are not visiting the right URL. It should be in the same place as your MyBB files.