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Full Version: Tips for a newbie
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Hi guys, I'm approaching to mybb plugin development. I know a little little php so this would be the perfect moment to start improving my skills. I need to create a plugin which handles in different ways the attachment files in the postbit. I already found that at attachment.php:170 the test of the file types begins , I was going to inject my code straight into the mybb files but I decided to develop a plugin instead. Where should I start? I don’t know anything about mybb plugin development.
Could you explain a little more what exactly you're trying to do? But yes I would say you're definitely on the right track by making a plugin. Editing the core files is almost always a bad idea and you should be very careful if/when doing so.
You would have to use hooks.
First I'd start with this thread:

While it is a bit old, it covers a lot of basics. Once you get that down, you might take a look at the advanced guide I have on my Github.