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Full Version: Enhanced Account Switcher - Force Detach Accounts
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Hey! I use Doyle's Enhanced Account Switcher. After a while of someone not posting on our forum, we move them to an "Inactive" user group, which is not allowed to use the EAS. However, even if they are in this usergroup, if they've already linked their accounts, they still show up on the Accountlist and I have no way of unlinking/detaching them. I've already used the "Clean up account attachments" tool and that did absolutely nothing. What can I do to unlink these accounts or hide them from the accountlist?
I would recommend checking your permission list
as if i think that "unrank" them with that i think
It will be possible with EAS 2.0.11 by using the "Clean up account attachments" tool. I'm already working on it. Wink
Haha alright! Thanks Doyle! Smile