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Full Version: [HELP] GoogleSEO error¿?
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Hi guys,

Most people in this forum section know what GoogleSEO is its a plugin what helps managing the forum links etc.

But i've got a problem i always had forums with GoogleSEO on it without any problems but now when i install it and also add the stuff to the httacces i still got this error: .

It keeps sayin that my forum is on http:// but its clearly at https://www. (here screenshot of that: & )

So i want to keep my SSL (https://www.) but im wondering why GoogleSEO keeps sayin im on http when im clearly not?

Can someone please help i wanna design a new Mybb Theme that is special designed for GoogleSEO, DVZ Shoutbox and MyAlerts users work. I really need to fix it so soon as posible.

Would be awesome if someone know why Mybb keeps giving this error.

(Sorry for my bad english tho, i'm a dutchie and i was in a hurry while typing this.)

Have a nice day,

Camden .

Dont need help anymore already found the problem some settings of my SSL certi, were changed dont know how but they are right know so everything works. Thanks anyways.