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Full Version: Copy of forum under subdomain using same settings?!
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I have a forum running under
Now I want a similar forum with nearly the same settings and plugins on

I made a copy and paste of the database and the folder of the forum under and pasted it to Both should have their own databases, because the original one is linked to and the copy is linked to

Permissions in forum folder of have been corrected and .htaccess was edited too.

Whenever I want to change stuff in AdminCP of it also changes settings of and vice versa.
I can change settings (especially cookie settings) manually in settings.php of They even don´t change when I save new settings in the AdminCP, which proves, that seems to use the same settings file as

I´m pretty sure I just missed something obvious.
They won't be using the same settings file, but unless you've updated ./inc/config.php, they'll still be using the same database

(2016-12-17, 06:34 PM)OlDirty Wrote: [ -> ]Both should have their own databases, because the original one is linked to and the copy is linked to

This isn't what determines what database they use, so sounds like you need to update the config file.
Thank you!
Now I can edit settings for both on their own.
But my cookie problem stays. 

Cookie settings for
Cookie settings for
Both with no leading dot "."

Can´t login/-out on but when I do that on it also applies to
It shouldn't apply it to both now that they're using different databases - if they're wrong, you'll need to edit them in ./inc/settings.php first, then you'll be able to log into the ACP where you'll need to change them again.

The settings for the subdomain one are correct, the other one will need the dot at the start.
They both definitely use their own database now. I did that by editing settings.php.
But the problem with cookies persists.

Further info:
domain overwrites cookies of subdomain. As soon as I´m logged of on domain, I can log in and out on subdomain without effect on
But as soon as I log in on domain again, I´m logged in on subdomain, no matter whether I was logged out before. And then I can´t change that state anymore on subdomain

I already tried setting a prefix for the subdomain cookie.

I have no problems with AdminCP at all.
Oh, yes, they'll probably both need a prefix then, I forgot about that issue with having both with the same base domain.
Now it works perfect, thank you very much.
Just had to clear cookies in browser once afterwards.