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Full Version: [HOW2? / Reworks?] Aditional user groups in showteam.php
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Forgive me if this thread entry is in the incorrect location.

Okay, so I have spent the last half an hour to an hour searching around to see how I can fix the Delima in front of me.

I am currently in charge of the Forums of a Gaming Community and wanted to do a bit of rework to the forums and I have come across this problem not being able to show the user in its additional groups too on the showteam.php page


A user is a part of a primary group e.g Staff
and the same user has an additional group of Dev

I want to be able to display that user under both groups, not just Staff.

Any kick in the right direction would be appreciated.


My Name is Tito
Do both groups have this option ticked in the Edit Group screen in the Admin CP?


If so, I'm not sure. I think MyBB might just be referencing the primary user group rather than all of them.
MyBB by default will show the member of Staff in the group that is their Display group. If you wanted an easy cleaner layout for this I would suggest using the following plugin. It would make it easier to manage and also allow you to further advance the Staff Page. Staff Page by mrnu.