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Full Version: Illegal mybb forum report
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I have some questions

1. Mybb allow others to create illegal/hacking forum using mybb ?
2. Mybb allow people to use paid mybb theme without paying ?
3. Could mybb provide support to such forums ?

And how i report such forums to mybb team ?
1. We cannot stop users using our software, but such users do not get support from the MyBB team - see the Support Eligibility Policy:
2. Again, we cannot stop people doing this - it is up to theme authors to chase users using their themes without paying. We will usually unapproved showcase threads if there's a report of a forum in the showcase using a theme illegally.
3. See above.

You can report any forum that you suspect is breaking the Support Eligibility Policy via the Private Inquiries forum, here:
I think mybb is an open source code project so everyone can use it, modify and more due license purposes, we can use private inquiries to report every suspicious site. And i think they must create some area of works and experiences to give an idea of trusted sites and users, services and more. You can see what people are trusted people to decide if you wanna work with or for that people.

I experienced many times this but i only try to warn people to take care with some users who only take all and gone without pay or have removed copyrights of themes and mybb.

MyBB staff do what they can. And i think we have to do the same.

Sorry about bad english...
Yes mybb is open source and everyone can modify it accoroding to their requirements but using paid theme and providing illegal stuff using mybb is the insult of authors .
(2016-12-28, 04:52 PM)iturdu Wrote: [ -> ]providing illegal stuff using mybb is the insult of authors .

Give me strength!

It is not an insult to the MyBB Group, whose only tie to this is that they built the software. Think of it like torrents. They can be used for good (IE: Linux Distros), or bad (IE: Downloading that new movie).
There's not much that can be done. Things like hacking forums operate on a legal greyzone. If you could prove the administrators are actively involved in and encouraging illegal activity you might be able to report to law enforcement but there's no ganturee that it'll be their top priority. MyBB won't support those sites. If the sites bother you don't use them, but don't actively harass them. They generally won't care and you'll be wasting your time.

I for example run a 'leaking forum' and while we don't host any copyrighted content just facilitate discussions and the finding of that content, I'm still not eligible for support. But rather I've come here to help other forum owners who may be confused about something.

Again the best thing you can do is ignore the sites you don't like and to join the communities that matter to you Smile