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Full Version: Members' pruning interval
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Good day brothers and Sisters!

I need help about user pruning,
Yes, I know how to use the default user pruning function of MyBB. And I know that for security reasons, the minimum time for the unverified users is 1day before deletion.

I'm asking about this 'cause I saw on other boards (It's been a long time. and I literally forgot what cms they are using)
They have this feature that a member should activate the account within 5mins (I know they can make it a little higher), else the account will be deleted automatically.

Can we do that in MyBB? I will  really appreciate your informative answers and some how to's or codes, etc..

btw, I'm using Mybb version 1.8.8 (I will update later for some security patch)

Well, thanks for no answer..