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Full Version: Domain switching(keep all Data?)
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How would I be able to move my Entire Forums and it data with MySQL to a new domain without redoing all the work and losing my custom work.

Need to switch to a host for better bandwidth 

You're changing your domain or switching to a different webhost?

I'm asking because in the first sentence you talk about a new domain, in the second you talk about switching to a better host.
Yes I may switch to another host and might use a new domain for my community.
To change a domain, all you would need to do is change the Board URL and Cookie Domain. To move hosts, you would need to back up your files and database and restore them on the new host, then put your new database details into ./inc/config.php
I think you want to switch both host and domain, right ?
What i will suggest you is create a full backup of your site and give it to new host. They will migrate it for free.
Than start working on switching domain using settings.php inside inc and admin cp settings related to URL.

This way you will be able to migrate easily.