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Full Version: A very simple looking portal
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Does anyone know how to make a very simple portal with a backround and buttons? I tried myself but couldnt get the buttons working.

I have tried making my own html buttons and also from this website but not sure why I cant get things to work how I want.

Here is how I want it to look:
For that kind of page, you're better of just having a static HTML page with the content you'd like then have your forum in a directory, for example: = this 'portal' page = your community forum

Then you can just copy the CSS from the site above into your websites stylesheet file and add the button HTML wherever you want it.

By basing this on MyBB, you're making it significantly more complicated as MyBB has other elements, not just a simple portal like that (header, footer etc)
The landing page looks okay to me, is this still an issue?
(2016-12-30, 04:32 PM)Nasyr Wrote: [ -> ]The landing page looks okay to me, is this still an issue?

It sounds like he just wants his landing page to be similar to the one he linked to. I don't think that is actually his site.
No that is not my actual site. I got some picture buttons working with html but how would I get the css versions to work?