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Full Version: 500 error when running backup and rebuild
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anytime I run backup to backup directory I get a 500 error page, downloading works fine.

Also when I try to run recound and rebuild I get the same.

I was onto my hosts and the log showed an error on line 247 connected to one of irchers plugins. I deactivated and removed the plugin but still the same issue however error log isnt showing anything.

I realise I am probable going to have to undu plugins and reactivate step by step but maybe, just maybe someone has come across this before and can pinpoint the plugin for me?
I haven't heard of this occurring as such. I would suggest doing a manual deactivation of all plugins in the ACP and trying it again. Could you report back on the results?
I used the disable all plugin option but it didnt help. Next up I guess is the painful one by one

I certainly will report back but I have a suspicion it may be the hosts, when I moved originally I was hitting all sorts of restrictions that needed changing by them.
Is there definitely nothing in the error log? Based on the actions you're performing, it sounds like a timeout or memory limit issue or something like that, but would have thought the error log would have something in it about this.
hi, the host gave me the log and it showed an error in line 759 for recount and rebuild. Host recommended I upload a fresh version of the php file and that fixed the recount and rebuild error but not the backup issue.

I will see if they can tell me what errors the log gives now that Im down to one issue
Line 759 is an empty line at the end of the file, so unsure why this would have anything to do with running a recount, they'll need to be more specific about what is actually erroring, but I'd suspect memory limits/execution time or something.
I presume that at some point, somehow my version of the php file got messed up and line 759 was in fact not empty.

All fixed nowanyway