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Full Version: Bullet list isn't working.
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I'm 100% sure this is the themes fault, but I'm 0% sure i can fix it on my own. Anyone willing to help a community member out?

My bulletin points aren't showing up in the message output. They are showing up in the editor, but not in the output.

Some pictures for reference:

[Image: 14c554f895.png]

[Image: 33e2a7cb56.png]

This hasn't worked on neither of my two forums I moderate, so it has to be the themes fault, since when I switch to the Default theme the bullets apear.

I'm using Flipside from mySkins.

Thanks. o/
Can we have your URL so we can inspect the CSS?
(2016-12-30, 06:48 PM)Matt Wrote: [ -> ]Can we have your URL so we can inspect the CSS?

user: admin
pw: admin321
Somewhere in global.css, add this:

.post_body ul {
        padding-left: 20px;
Still doesn't work. Added exactly where you said.
Where did you put it? Can't see it in your global.css.
[Image: bdaf3b55d6.png]

nevermind, deleted something and it fixed. Thank you Matt.
I'm having the exact same problem right now, wondering what http did to fix it?

I've posted Matt's code in global.css and nothing changed unfortunately. Any help? Is that code supposed to work for every theme or is it a custom solution?