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Full Version: The forum style doesn't work.
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Hello !
I wanted to use Mybb, because it's a good software (i think),
but this is what happened when i download and install alls themes ! (I tried with the classic one, the one of the forum etc) but every theme is always like this:
[Image: 1483179638-hyptonia-google-chrome.png]

[Image: 1483179639-hyptonia-google-chrome-2.png]

Site URL:
Can someone help me ? :'(...
I need this forum for my players community's,
First off, your ./cache/themes/ folder doesn't seem to be CHMOD to 777, and secondly, the theme you're using has several problems, it's missing some important HTML - where did you get it from?
I download the source code on a other forum, i'm gonna try to chance the CHMOD, thanks bro.

Edit: Victory !
Only the background and the logo is not showing, but i'm gonna try to edit the skin Smile
[Image: 1483185974-hyptonia-google-chrome-3.png]