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Full Version: Is this possible or not?
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(2016-12-24, 09:50 AM)GoldenBB Wrote: [ -> ]Hello all, I was just wondering how I could implement AJAX loading into MyBB? Like I want the page to load when a user clicks on a link without the page refreshing. I'm veryyy new to ajax and don't know how to do this but I know it's possible. Your help would be appreciated!

I have not gotten any replies and I'm wondering if I can do this or if it's even possible.
You can just bump your old thread next time instead of creating a new one.

What you're basically asking for is for someone to write quite a lot of code for you, I wouldn't advise trying to do this without much knowledge because it's not going to be very straight forward to do, and MyBB doesn't really lend itself to this sort of thing. When doing this sort of thing you don't really want the entire HTML returned because you can't really replace the entire DOM, then you'd need to think about re-initialising all the javascript on the page... I don't think MyBB is really suited to this.