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Full Version: Color change Search user container
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Hi guys and happy new year to all on this forum.  As the title reads.. I can't seem to find the location to change the color to that area. I have a screenshot I can show you. I want the background to match the rest of the site. I find it odd if the container is white and the rest are #000 and #5a0000 those are the colors I used and For text I use either #aaa or #eee. Need help here.

[Image: search.png]

Thank you
Can we have a link to your site so that we can check the front end of the theme?

For default MyBB theme (and normally most), it is located in the MYBB_ROOT/jscripts/select2/select2.css. I am not sure if it is possible to edit that file via admin control panel though. Another approach you can take is override the CSS selectors inside your 'dark theme' global.css. this is my site. I have it closed but can open it for this reason.

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