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Full Version: inline moderation does not work
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Well the issue is that while the cookies are being set by javascript, and can be read by javascript, your server refuses to accept that exist Sad I can't immediately think of anything that would cause this, I don't suppose you know of anything installed on the server for security, mod_security or anything?

Edit: It seems the server does see them, they're visible in $_SERVER['RAW_HTTP_COOKIE'], but they don't get passed through to $_COOKIE... could you maybe ask your host if they have any ideas why that might happen?
i am the host lol :p letme take a peek
Oh Toungue Okay, anything like mod_security or anything else? It's weird because when the browser sends the cookies with the request, there's nothing that says whether it was or wasn't set by javascript, yet it's only the javascript ones that don't work...
i have no idea what to look for ive gone over every config/setting. its a cpanel host anyone got an idea?
So it's just occurred to me that all the cookie values are encrypted, can you disable suhosin? I think this might be changing how the cookies are set, which means that ones that aren't encrypted (i.e. javascript cookies), can't be decrypted, thus don't make it through to PHP.
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