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Full Version: Hidden soft deleted posts
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Ello, I've recently upgraded from 1.8.8 to 1.8.9 following the installs cript and adding the new css to global.css as per the upgrade blog. However, soft deleted posts are no longer shown at all once they are soft deleted. I found that editing postbit with {$deleted_bit} at least revealed the fact that there was a deleted post but the show this post button does not work. I added the new css at the bottom of global.css. Any ideas? This applies to only those that can see soft deleted posts such as that regular users wouldn't see anything.
In the usergroup settings, under the Forums and Posts sub-tab, there's a permission called 'Can view deletion notices?', will need to enable this for regular users to see the notice.
Ah, what I mean is that a soft deleted post cannot be revealed by moderators or above:

The show this post button does nothing.
Ah, my bad sorry, misread what you wrote - are you sure your javascript files are up to date, and you cleared your cache?
I used a completely different computer to see that the issue was still replicating. I ran the upgrade script and copied everything over just like any other upgrade before. How would I check if my javascript files are outdated for this version?
I think you may also need to apply the changes from this thread:
Beautiful, thank you very much :3