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Full Version: I want to change the colour of the category and thread headers
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Hello again,

I am having a few issues with changing the colours of my boards.

I want to get rid of the blue bars (which are the category headers) and change them to black. I tried going into thead settings in the theme css style sheet thingy in the ACP, but all I have managed to do is to change the colour of the forum header (not the category bit, the bit that is supposed to be black) to blue! I can't change it back for some reason either.

So to simplify -

I want to change all headers of categories and forum headers, the search headers, all headers to black. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance. I have searched a few times across the forum, but category only leads to editing the forum header.

Here is the link to my site :

.thead {
background: #101010 url(images/thead_bg.gif) top left repeat-x;
color: #ffffff;
Thanks to you! I managed to use the tcat.png in both thead and tcat, which gave me what I needed.