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Full Version: Awards system that works in 1.8?
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I just tried installing My Awards 2.4, OUGC Awards and Plugin Library (after updating the text in the php file) - everything installed, except My Awards 2.4 and OUGC Awards did not allow me to add any awards and I had a horrible Github text at the top of my forum that went away when I uninstalled OUGC.

Is there a simpler awards system for 1.8?

Here's my forum
OUGC is probably the best award plugin you can get. I would also suggest MyAchievements (Paid) if you want automated awards.
Well I've upgraded MyAwards and used it a number of times on 1.8 with no issues. Can you provide some screenshots ACP side?
I managed to get it to work, I found the 'add award' function in 'users and groups'. It works fine, Smile

Thanks guys.