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Full Version: Admin Permissions expire on session settings?
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I have no clue what this is or why.
Is there possibly a setting I missed? I dont' think so since this is an issue upon updating to 1.8.9

I'm a Super Admin on the board. Another Admin posted a thread that needs to be stickied. I try and I keep getting this error.

I have been active all morning due to working on the site.
I DID select a thread since it's the only one in that forum.
There is no option to sticky the thread if I select full edit mode.

Why won't it allow me to sticky?
What am I missing?


Have you followed the instructions of this thread?
(2017-01-03, 05:23 PM)Nicole-Studios Wrote: [ -> ]

Have you followed the instructions of this thread?

Thank you! Worked perfectly. I didn't even see the sticky thread. Apologies for being dense Smile
All is good, they can be easily looked over sometimes, especially when your on a hunt for an answer!

Glad it worked! Smile