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Full Version: Quick edit and report button are not working
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Hello everybody! Smile

I started making my first theme for MyBB based on Bootstrap 3.
Well - it was going really good but when I tried  to do something in View Post Templates, there this happened...
First of all - in console (F12) I see these two errors from JS.

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'popupMenu'
showthread.php (646,4)
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'editable'
thread.js (179,4)
This blocks for me entire buttons excluding "Reply" button on Firefox, but in Edge this blocks only two of them - "Edit" and "Report/Warn" button.
Sometimes "edit" button shows this div with quick and full edit, but only full is working...
Do you have any suggestions or ideas, what to do?
Or could it be the problem of two MyBBs installed on the same hosting which one of them is connecting via secured access protocol (HTTPS)?

URL to forum -
Details to test account
Username - MyBB
Password - test123
(these credentials type in the top of site)
WARNING! Due to security I provide ACP PIN code only via PM here.
Version of MyBB - 1.8.9 (but the same happened on 1.8.7)
I am so stupid...
The main reason of these errors was double attaching of javascript - in "headerinclude" template and in "footer" template.
Sorry for wasting your time.