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Full Version: How to change version of mybb?
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i know this is little funny question but i don't know really how to do.
My problem is that don't know how I replace files.

When you came MyBB 1.8.8 somehow I updated it but can't remember how. Is there someone who can help?

files 1.8.8
files 1.8.9
I don't know what that first screenshot is of, it doesn't look like anything from MyBB. If you're on 1.8.8, you need the changed files package from the blog post:
I want to go back to 1.8.8 because I don't have time to play with errors 1.8.9
You can't go back unless you choose to restore a backup; the known issues in 1.8.9 take about 2 minutes to fix, which is quicker than it would take to try and roll back.
hh yeah I did everything here;
And what? All icons vanished .. so maybe can you help me with this..
This is a completely unrelated issue as the changes made have nothing to do with these icons or any other images - if you can give us your URL, we can see what's happened.
L: testaccount
P: tesaccount1
Says the username or password is wrong Sad
try this
login; testaccount
passowrd; test1234
Okay, maybe slightly related to these changes then... when you made the template change, did you manually apply the change, or did you just revert the template to default? The missing images are coming from Font Awesome, so it appears that this was included in your headerinclude template, and has now been removed... put this in your headerinclude template and they should come back:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" />
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