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Full Version: Simple Clock Plugin
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 I am trying to find out if there is a simple Clock plugin that would display a clock inside the forums on either left or right side showing the current time of the forums?

possibly the date and time, maybe a digital display with time idk, Some kind of a analog or digital clock?

i have done a search and have really come up empty and im hoping a more experienced mybb mod can help me

Thankyou for any and all help in this matter. i will await your reply.

ps th isis thing is a gamer tag not anything i represent or want to be affiliated with,and id like to change it here to FaTTy870 if i can.

There's probably hundreds of scripts online to do this, it isn't something specific to MyBB.

The "current time" of the forums isn't a fixed value though, everyone is on different times. Clocks on sites generally use javascript because then it uses the time on the user's machine, a PHP clock would sue the server time which would only be correct for people in the same timezone as the server.
well forgive me for being a little nub to the html world LOL and thankyou for your help in this it really doesnt matter specifically about the time of the forums b8ut just a clock that can have options for timezones i was thinking would be nice to fill in my index .

I will start searching online for clock scipts then and see what i cannot find and thanks cuz i didnt know that it wasnt just mybb LOL.....

Have a good day and thankyou for your tme.
To change your username, you'll have to make request through forum staff. Maybe PM to Matt will start it rolling.