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Full Version: I need your help urgently
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Please this message keeps showing on my forum, what so I do

JavaScript must be enabled. Perhaps a page from which you sent the message has not been fully loaded or third-party plug-ins blocking JavaScript on the page. If the error continues, please refer to the technical support forum (error code: J1C5D2E3471483604871).
Where does it show up?
Do you use JavaScript on your forum?
Which plugins do you have installed?
It shows up after someone registers, and it stops the registration.
It also shows up after a new post, or a reply, stopping them both.
And yes I do use JavaScript in my forum, but I dont know anything about plugins

Please you can try it, try to registerb @
Firstly, this is a highly customised version of MyBB (first of all I wasn't even sure it was MyBB I had to check with another member of the team) and you are using to create and host this forum and they are probably running a modified version. I've denied you support because you have removed the copyright link back to MyBB. I'd also recommend that you contact as the error you are seeing isn't a MyBB error.
Hello there,

The forum you have posted does not have the minimum "Powered by MyBB" notice we require for technical support here. In order for us to give you further support, please add the following code to the footer template of your forum:

Admin CP --> Templates & Style --> *expand your template set* --> Footer Templates --> footer
Powered by <a href="">MyBB</a>

I will close this thread until you have reinstated the Powered By line. Please post in the Private Inquiries forum to ask to have this thread reopened, where you can also raise any questions you have about this policy.

With regards,
MyBB Support Team