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Full Version: Inline Moderation
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after upgrading to 1.8.9 and not using my board very much, I have now created a thread that I wanted sticking and as I try to do that, I got an error suggesting that my moderation time has expired. I then came here and found a resource that should fix it, mainly This. but since I have followed all the roles of changing each template. I still cannot stick threads or moderate.

Forum is at This address.

I have also just copied and pasted over my main templates as set out by the links in the first link given.

after copying and pasting, I am logged out of admin and get an error 500, on recourse for looking for the relevent files I have changed, I see that in the admin/inc/ .page there was no changes or any files in the zip file I downloaded.

I have since reverted my admin/inc/ or something and javascript back to 1.8.7 so that i can actually obtain the admin console. this has fixed the 500 issue since copying and pasting the two named templates.

would like to have some input as to how to make my moderation work on the new 1.8.9 system. or did the team forget to put the new instances in the zip file.

also i have noticed that when i try and and go to various forums my board looks disorganised. like these instances


these are what i get when i look through the site. the last one was a refreshed page
Can you try clearing your browser cache? Javascript cookies are working for me so you've applied the changes correctly, I thin the old javascript is just cached for you.

Are the style issues still happening for you? All seems to be okay for me.