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Full Version: Group privileged alternative to newthread possible?
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I am updating an existing 1.6 forum to 1.8.9

We have previously used 5n0w833's MaxAttachments plugin. Some of the content is too tedious to post 1 at a time using native 1.8.9, and the only plugin that I see Ajax Multiple Attachments is not functional, perhaps because I installed it wrong due to no instructions.

I have modified 1.8.9 editpost.php using Snowbee's code as demonstration of fundamental feature. And intend to complete similar for newthread and newreply.

We have a small number of content providers. I would like to set it up where they are able to use modified code, but everyone else uses the standard default code.

The biggest obstacle is managing the post_attachments_new template code. The other one is trying to manage the core edits after a 1.8 upgrade.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Currently Snowbee's 1.6 plugin is a single setting for everyone.

Out of respect, I acknowledge 5n0w833 is the real username, but Snowbee is easier to type.