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Full Version: Searchable user database
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Hi - I'm a fairly experienced forum admin/mod but this is my first MyBB install.  Using the latest download version from here and 'finding my way through', I want to ask about how to approach something BEFORE I actually implement the board!  Apologies if this is the wrong section - mods please move if so.

I want to be able to have the users be fully searchable for various things that they can tick when they sign up - basically as well as being a community site it's also doubling as a job/skills database. 

So for example, when Fred signs up he has a list of applicable skills boxes - skill A, B, C and so on that he can tick.

I then want to be able to have an easy to use and most importantly easy to find section where anyone can search for A, B or C on a tickbox or radio button basis and it will produce a list containing Fred and all the similar members.

I'm guessing that this has been done before many times on other sites - what are my best options for a novice, but keen, first install here?

Thanks, Rock.
As for testing things, you may create a separate test forum or a test theme (visible to admin only) and work on it and then make the same changes to the main theme.

You can use custom profile fields for that. (admin cp -> config -> to the left side). Add a new field and choose "select box", check "show on registeration" and whatever else you want to configure.
Thanks for the response, was there meant to be more above your first sentence?
Uhm no.
Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

Is there a way to make a custom search form then, to have predefined fields to use to search from the user table?