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Full Version: 403 error usercp changes
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Just tried to change my signature on my board on a tablet and got an error of 403 that stated that I am not allowed to alter my usercp instances.  Can you help. My board is at Here.


This is what I got
What content did you put in your signature? Do you have access to your server error logs?
my server does not show any error logs, ones that have not been made yet. just when trying to change a signature. not only on a tablet but also mac

a banner

its just i have migrated my content from a home server to a hosting site
There should be errors in your Apache error log if a 403 is being triggered, otherwise it sounds like Apache isn't set up correctly. Do you have anything like mod_security installed on the server?
Video to show my error

its not a vps just a normal hosting package.
Do you have access to cPanel or something? There should be logs available to you somewhere.
been to hosting site and they have fixed the issue regarding changing my signature.