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Full Version: [1.18.10] Last message in index always shows one message earlier than the last
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After I upgraded to 1.18.10, I noticed that last message area in index always show ONE MESSAGE EARLIER than the last one. 

So let's say user X writes something, then user Y writes and then user Z.

When user Y writes, forumdisplay shows user X and his post
When user Z writes, forumdisplay shows user Y and his post

User Z is never shown unless someone else writes after him.
We can probably solve this by using older post.php file.
I should have wait before I upgrade, always doing this mistake. Big Grin

Edit: I replaced post php file with older one.
I dont think it is the best idea (I havent checked the git for other changes) - just wait for the fix, it will be there soon I hope Smile
There is a fix now and we have released updated packages. Please refer to the blog post.