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Full Version: Escape characters everywhere in my forum
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Hello, I got random escape characters in every post it even appears in some places at ACP, see pic

[Image: 3771a0a040.png]

[Image: 3f6871d06b.png]

it basically replaces most of the new lines with this "\n\r" characters, some help is appreciated.
Have you done anything manually to your database (export/import) at any time?
an admin tried to do something (adding smiles as he said) and this happened not sure what he has done exactly, if that so what's the issue?
What's your URL?
Can you run this command in phpMyAdmin:

SELECT message FROM mybb_posts where pid = 442;

Then screenshot the result, and attach here? Thanks.
Can you edit a template that you have not ever edited, one that has multiple lines - are the characters showing there too? Don't save it, just open the editor and see if it already contains them.
No it doesn't contain them

If you want to check the ACP by yourself i can make a temporary admin account for you.

I fixed the problem by making a new MyCode replacing the char "\n" with a new html line "<br>"

It fixes the topics content but it still in some css files