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Full Version: WIP My own profile system for my forums.
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Sorry bit as i said un first post is an exclusive product for my forum usage only.

But you can give an idea to make your mods. It is only proof of concept.
Great work I love to see more of this kind of work in terms of the expanding the abilities of MyBB by using what is there again looks good.
Mod is finished and working onto my site. I was shared with some users but right now is a exclusive product to my own fórums.

But maybe i will share a fix for existing one MyProfile, but i dunno, right now i am out of business for some time, when i am back then i try to see what can i do, but anyway thanks for your comments Smile
You could always have it be a premium plugin like some of mine are.
@dragonexpert i was thinked on that but some user who have it tolds me to not make it public he want it to pay all copyrights for that mod, but i only think to not reléase it to public but maybe as Premium.

Thanks for the sugestions, i know is a really good plugin but to public i think maybe and update to MyProfile was enought for general usage Smile
By the way this is the final result of my plugin Smile

Wow this looks very pretty!

Good job.
why Don't share Public ? Sad I want to use that Mod so much. I know it's Private but I want to use :/
Actually is for public ussage for our premium member

Premium members are all people who contribute in our forums or in here with mods, skins and more.

But common users can get it into our forums purchasing this item or for free with all requeriments into their profiles Smile
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