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Full Version: Stylesheets ordering issue with theme export / Import
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Hi Team,
I am using MyBB 1.8.10 version and I have found issue with ordering of stylesheets.
I created a theme and added colors in the theme as well, now it is important that the new stylesheets that are created are ordered after the main css ie global.css
What is happening currently is that even after I modify the orders and export the stylesheets, that order is not saved and when the xml is imported than order is not correct.

Because of this, color properties will not be applied properly.

I can confirm with MyBB 1.8.10 clean installation.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Edit the order of style sheets in any theme
  • Export the theme
  • Import the theme to a new name
  • Style sheet order will not be as it was saved
Hello guys,
Will it be fixed in next release ? Or planned for some other revision ?