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Full Version: Instant PM Option Language Error
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I noticed that people in my forum (has Turkish language as default language) get their notification private messages from their subscriptions sometimes in Turkish, sometimes in English language.

I can provide link, id password etc. to forum this issue exists and it can be reproduced.
Specifically that one string while everything else is still in Turkish?
No, entire message. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Turkish.
I have a user with 1000+ private messages like this.

Hm, without looking I would bet the code doesn't take into account the language the PM is being sent to, and uses the language of whoever was posting...
Checked it, it doesn't look that way.

Same day, same thread, same member, different languages.

Quote:11-01-2017, 13:43 
cemal has just replied to a thread which you have subscribed to. This thread is titled Sistem Toplama - Donanım Destek.

Here is an excerpt of the message:

Quote:11-01-2017, 14:53 
cemal nickli üye, takip ettiğiniz "Sistem Toplama - Donanım Destek" başlıklı konuya yeni bir yorum yazdı.

Yorumun bir kısmı aşağıdadır:

I can't find any pattern.
Hm, looking at the code it should load the language properly... keep an eye on it and if you do spot a pattern, let me know and I'll try and take a look.