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Full Version: Images containug 'media' in link are bugged
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So i figured out that when i use an image on my forum that contains the word 'media" on its link, the image turns turns out into some buggy. Though it looks good in the editor, but not afterwards for some reason.

I thought it could be related to the 'Automedia' plugin i was using a while ago, but which has already been deleted. Unlinkely, but i installed the plugin again, uninstalled and removed, but the bug is still present.

So for example:

the image link is:

how it looks in my forum after posting or in preview:


how it should look

[Image: giphy.gif]

What the console shows (idk if it has any relation)

Quote:Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token var

Has anyone got an idea?

Forum url:
A test thread related to this on my forum:
(the broken 'images' contain 'media')