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I changed the logo of a theme i downloaded from the mod site but when I uploaded the theme to forum, it was the old logo that came with the theme.
Admin CP > Templates & Style > Themes > Apart Dawn > Scroll all the way down until you see Board Logo

If your logo is uploaded in the Apart Dawn images file then it would be images/apart/logo.png, I don't know what the image file is called but if it's called something like dawn the images folder, then it would be images/dawn/logo.png

Make sure you upload your logo to the images folder.
I did that. It's still the default logo
(01-20-2017, 08:22 PM)Dagger Wrote: [ -> ]I did that. It's still the default logo

Forum URL please?
Upload your new logo to ROOT/images/dawn/ as logo.png ant refresh your page (ctrl +f5)
I'm not sure why you're using this theme - it's made for 1.6, MyBB 1.8 comes with this colour scheme by default.
SvePu: I did that

Matt: I'm using that theme because it's the closest theme that matches this theme my forum is based of that forum which is why I want it to look like it
Like I say, an orange theme is default in 1.8. If you use a theme made for 1.6, you are going to have a whole load of problems because a lot of functionality will fail to work.

Go to ACP > Templates & Style > Themes > Create New Theme > choose 'Default' as the parent > when you edit the settings for the theme, choose 'Dawn' as the colour at the bottom.You will get the exact same colour scheme, but it will actually work. You can then customise this theme as you wish.
How would I edit the logo on the theme?
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