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Full Version: mark all forum read ... missing after upgrade
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here i can see this option is there but in my forum it is gone missing,,
how to bring it back??
that link is moved to footer template (it should be in bottom links block). see replies here
Okay i have found the code
I have the same problem...I haven't "mark forums as read" , I don' find it in the footer....I have the code...but I don't have the link...

My footer only shows:

Contact Us MyBB Return to Top Lite (Archive) Mode Read RSS Syndication

(sorry my English is very bad...)
@Ireth: If you're using an older MyBB default or custom theme, you have to integrate that link manually into footer template.
<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=markread{$post_code_string}">Mark All Forums Read</a>
Thank you so much!!! I have wrotten the code, but without >Mark All forums read>..this was my mistake