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Full Version: Problem with theme
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Hello everyone,
I got a question about a theme a got from internet.
The theme is called Square, and it is a very nice theme.
But i have one problem with it.
In the theme you have on your main page a section called "Help".
If you go there, you can find some good information about how to use the forum.
But I want to change it in my own language, but here it goes wrong.
If you go to Administration CP, Configuration, there is a sub-TAB that is called Help documents.
Here you are supposed to edit the help texts where I am talking about.
But when you change those texts, it doesnt change on the forum itself.
Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? Or do I need to change this somewhere else?

Link forum:
Open inc/languages/english/global.lang,php and find Help and replace it with your own words .