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Full Version: Soft Delete Bug
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Issue was first noticed after upgrading to 1.8.10 though it could have started with 1.8.9. When soft deleting a post it is instead permanently deleted. For my custom theme, adding the code to global.css mentioned in the 1.8.9 update doesn't fix it, and the default theme is broken too. I've disabled all plugins to see if that resolved the issue but it didn't. I also did do a fresh install of 1.8.10 as a test and the problem is NOT present, so I think this has something to do with the update.

My original post in the forums is here:

A short video highlighting the problem is here:
I can't replicate this issue.
(2017-01-23, 10:50 PM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]I can't replicate this issue.

I can provide you with login credentials to our backup forum if you like.
Go to your postbit and postbit_classic templates

right after

That fixed it. Thank you so much!