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Full Version: Welcome PM/Email on Registration
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Hi all,

I think it'd be nice to have a PM/Email on registration as soon as the account is successfully activated. This will help forum owners list rules, tips, etc.

ZiNgA BuRgA already has a plugin for this, but I feel like it would be better if it was implemented into the system. Smile
Definitely something that should be worth considering. Worthy suggestion.
I am also using zinga burgas plugin. Definitely support this.
(2017-02-01, 03:14 PM)Andro Wrote: [ -> ]Since we have an alert system with 2.0, it can be utilised well for this suggestion. Just send a regular alert with links to website faq, help & rules along with a welcome message. Isn't that a good idea instead of sending mails 2 times for each registration on the forums?

Instead of a private message an alert would be given, I like that better + it makes more sense long as the alert is included by default while still being editable. I don't think that's asking too much.
I like the idea of a PM so the user can reference it later.
I also like the idea of sending a welcome pm/email to new makes them feel welcomed, imho.
I'm really happy everyone is appreciating this idea. Smile
This sounds like a pretty awesome idea.
+1 I also like this idea Smile
Come on guys, let's make this an official feature in 2.0!
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