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Full Version: MyBB Forum Etiquette (IMO)
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#1 Post your thread in the correct category. Posting in the wrong category will only make it harder to get your thread answered efficiently.
(Actually, this first etiquette is obsolete considering how good MyBB staff is at moving threads to their fitting category)

#2 (Now, actually, this should be #1) Google, Google, Google first, I found most of my Mybb solutions through Google. (Also known as SkyNet - Cyberdyne Systems.)
The odds are, someone has already experienced the same issue as you and there is a thread out there with the answer you are looking for.

#3 (which now makes this #2, okay this is getting confusing, anyways...)If you find a solution, PLEASE post the solution on your thread. This is important because it will help others in the future,
who are experiencing the same issues. I hate to see threads that ask a question and the resolving feedback is "Solved it or Fixed it"
This does not help anybody. Please provide the solution that solved the issue. This makes Mybb a better place. You like better places right?

#4 Take your time, explain the issue, provide screenshots. Be clear and concise. I have read so many threads that I just couldn't answer because I have no idea what the OP is trying to say. And I think to myself, what is this person trying to say? What form of English is this? Is this person from planet earth?
(Sorry, I watch too many Sci-Fi movies)

#5 Be kind, thank those who take the time to help you, because people here are volunteers who are absolutely taking their valuable time to help you.  And be sure to help others who need help. Help helps all. If you get help, then give help.

#6 Please use MyBB Forum Etiquette. For the good of all.
(2017-02-05, 02:54 PM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]Have you seen this?

That is cool, funny thing is, as in depth as that brilliant post is, mine is more of a rant.
Clearly valid points that everyone should try their best to follow.
Good luck getting people to do any of this Big Grin
#3 should be a flashing gif marquee in the header on every page tbh.