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Full Version: Private Forum For My Users
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I want to give my users support through their own private forum where, only the administrators and the user can only see their threads and no other user can see the other users threads. But i want every user to have this 'private' forum. So, when they need help they post a new thread in the 'private' forum and only the administrator can see it and reply back. (Just like a ticketing system) Is there a mod to do this? Can someone make one for me? Is there a way to do it with permissions? (PLZ. dont tell me that i have to make a usergroup for every user at my forums! I thought of doing that, but i saw this mod that vBulletin uses, that does what I am asking). Thank you in advance!

- Bobby
You'll need a mod for this. Why not have a private forum for users that are in need instead? Other than that, no one has attempted to create or possibly even think about making such a mod.
it wouldnt be that difficult... all i need is some code that makes every user their own group... right?
No. If you make every user their own group and you put all those groups as "Can view forum" then they will still be able to view any thread in the forum. You need a modification to make a new special permission option like "View all threads or view only own threads"
ok, can anyone make a new permission for me that "only allows the user to view his/her posts only". ill give them $$, if they are willing
Lol I just tried, but it didn't work 100% right.
It would be great if you perfected it! Ill give u $5, as long as i can test it before i give u the money Smile
Theres an easy, free option for this. Make a forum with their username (or a sub-forum with their username inside a forum called Individual Support), with a unique password to enter. You keep a list of the password per forum. and PM the user their forum password, and since you and them only know the password, only you two can access it. Simple aye?
I donno, it would be a pretty big board with alot of forums. I like the idea that DennisTT has. I hope he finishes the mod Smile
Maybe on the weekend. I'm loaded with schoolwork during weekdays.
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