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Full Version: [codebox] - [code] with a static height and width
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Sometimes we need to paste a loooo(...)ooong piece of PHP/HTML/whatever code... [code] and [php] tags are useless, because they make the board layout completly destroyed (horizontal scrollbars for the whole page etc.) when too long piece of code is put into them.

It would be great to have a bulit-in myCode like IPB's [codebox], which is similar to our [code], but its height and width are static, horizontal and vertical bars can be added to it (not for the whole page) when needed.

A screenshot of IPB's [codebox] in the attachment.

You can make this on your own using the custom MyCode function.
Yep, I know, but I wonder if it could be bulit-in... it is very useful.
Sounds good
There's overflow support in 1.4 for the code boxes so there are scrollbars if the line is too long.
thats cool, I hope it'll work with IE6 , IE7 and FF
becuase I success to make it work with IE7 and FF only but not IE6
^ IE6 doesn't support the max-height etc CSS properties (IE6 also doesn't support a whole load of other things, including transparent PNGs - it doesn't suppport me either)
I believe it's not supporting max-hieght, but how it's not supporting you Toungue
pepotiger Wrote:but how it's not supporting you Toungue
By being an absolutely horrible browser... >_>