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Full Version: How to change color of your Admin username and member's usernames in 1.8.10?
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How would I change the color of my Admin username to (example color 1) and all member's usernames to (example color 2) in a fresh install of 1.8.10? I don't want to use a mod or plugin because I plan to go the .css route. No Theme, it'll be the default MyBB 1.8.10.

Oops! I interviewed a few guys earlier today and they all said they could do everything except change the admin username color and member's username colors because there is no option in MyBB. I thought this was true so I asked here. Then I discovered what they said isn't true at all. Sorry! Mods, feel free to delete this thread if you want.
You edit it where you edit a usergroup.

[Image: pwcphg.png]